Georgette Palmer Smith: Executive Director of Native Learning Center

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Georgette Palmer Smith, Executive Director of the Native Learning Center at the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Hollywood, FL


Georgette Palmer Smith, a Kiowa tribal member is making a real difference within native communities. The Native Learning Center (NLC) located in Florida. offers FREE courses and training to Indigenous American people and with an emphasis on the educational needs of tribal members and their communities. 

“The most important thing to me is that we always strive to protect and honor our culture and traditions. That we pass those teachings along to our young people. They are the future of Indian Country…”

~Georgette Palmer Smith

Georgette Palmer Smith is currently the Executive Director for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, Native Learning Center. The NLC provides tuition-free ‘Native-centric’ learning in the areas of Financial Wellness, Housing Strategies, Tribal Government, Celebrating Culture and Language, and Grants Education.

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Georgette also serves as President, Seminole Taft Street Properties, LLC and 6365 Taft, LLC. She previously served as the Administrative Program Director for the NLC. Georgette is a member of the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

Many accomplishments but the one she’s most proud of – in October 2004 she created the University of Oklahoma ‘s first-ever Meetings and Event Management Certificate program and served as a member of the OU faculty.

The NLC is a program of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and was established in partnership with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 2008. The NLC’s learning opportunities and resources focus on areas that are critical to the growth and improved quality of life for Native communities. 

The Native Learning Center focus areas include Celebrating Culture & Language, Financial Wellness, Grant Education, Housing Strategies, and Tribal Government. The mission of the Native Learning Center is to provide Native and Indigenous people with knowledge and skills that improve the quality of life through housing-related educational programs.

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The vision of the Center is to be the recognized educational resource for the development of cultural and quality of life skills for all Native and Indigenous people.

Visit the Linkedin Profile of Georgette Palmer Smith and the website,  from theSeminole Tribe of Florida. 


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