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Explore our digital library of untold stories from Indigenous cultures, stories about Native American people and people of the African Diaspora. Learn more about us.

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I Love Ancestry is a virtual platform created to educate the general public, learn about each other, share knowledge of different cultures, instill hope and vision for social change, and honor the irrevocable connections to our ancestors.


Untold Stories of ancestors, trailblazers, unsung heroes and heroines who shaped the struggle for freedom. Exploring historical events, victories and alliances between communities of color.


Critical issues that directly affect marginalized people and Indigenous communities around the world.
Making the Invisible Truth visible, and Undoing Racism.


Inspiring multiracial people and organizations that are making a difference in Indigenous communities and communities of the African Diaspora.

Documentary Film Project

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Visual & performing arts, creative writing that highlights the experiences of communities of color through a new lens. Join our documentary film project.


Collecting and sharing personal stories about race, skin tone, heritage, and culture in the formation of identity. Share Your Story.

Perspective: Discussion of critical topics with a point of view, including narratives by individuals regarding their own experiences.

Sustainability: Pushing accurate information, focusing on community-based solutions, empowering individual action and responsibility around personal and collective health.

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