Topic: Murdered by Police

George Stinney: The Legal Murder of a Young Boy (1944)

A 14 yrs old boy being ‘legally’ electrocuted cannot be erased, should never be forgotten, and are an important chapter in the story of Black America.  Never Forget. The Legal Murder of George Stinney, US of A’s youngest person executed in the 20th century. Cases like George Stinney’s will forever haunt the American legacy. 70 […]

Travesty of Justice: The Murder of Johnny Robinson (1963)

Johnny Robinson Jr. who was 16 when he was killed, shot in the back by white police officer during the unrest following the infamous church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama on September 15, 1963. Racial violence broke out on the streets that afternoon, leading to two other less well-known killings that day. The Death of 16-year-old […]

Murdered by Police: John T. Williams, Forever in Our Memories

Honoring John T. Williams, a First Nations master carver, who was shot and killed by Officer Ian Birk of the Seattle Police Department on August 30, 2010. While carrying a small, legal folding knife that he used for carving. While the inquest found that the shooting was unjustified Birk remains a free man. We are […]
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