Michael Davis, Afro Native American Straight Dancer

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I Love Ancestry

Michael Davis of African, Catawba
Mvskokee Creek & Santee Heritage

Michael Davis is a traditional dancer in the New York pow wow circuit, Michael strives to make Black and Native presence known through his diligent and respectful participation in ceremonies and Pow wows. He always strives to be seen in a dignified and graceful way as this reflects well on his people.

Michael Davis dances for those who cannot. He uses his gift as a straight dancer to heal, educate and empower those who have been taught that people of African and Native heritage also called “African Native Americans” or “Black Indians” do not exist.

“I let people know we are real! I take great pride in all of my heritage”

Michael ‘s mission is where ever he goes to provoke a response from people via the way he dresses or speaks to create a conversation. It was surprising to him to find out how many people have not heard of Americans of African and Native heritage, or even worse not believing of their existence. However, for Michael it is refreshing to know that after few conversations with such people, they have a much different opinion.

Visit the Facebook profile Michael Davis.

Note: *We refer to people of African and Native American Indian heritage as Afro Native sometimes on this website. Many refer to people of both ancestry as Black Indians, African Native Americans or Black American Indians.


Published by I Love Ancestry

I Love Ancestry is a global issue advocacy campaign that explores identity, diversity, heritage and culture, highlighting the experiences of marginalized people and Indigenous communities around the world.

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