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I speak Spanish, but I am NOT Hispanic, nor am I Latino. Indigenous

To say that all people born in Mexico and/or speak Spanish are Spaniards is to say that all African Americans who speak English are Englishmen. A story about Indigenous identity. Are you of African and Indigenous descent? Want to be part of our documentary film Afro Native Narratives? We value your voice and would love to […]

Carlton Mackey, Creator of 50 Shades of Black

Carlton Mackey is an artist and the creator of 50 Shades of Black, a grassroots empowerment campaign Combining the arts with personal stories, 50 Shades of Black explores the complex relationship between sexuality and skin tone in the formation of Black identity. 50 Shades of Black is one of four signature projects of BEAUTIFUL IN […]

The Struggles Of A Mixed Girl: Identity by Shanese Steele

The Struggles Of A Mixed Girl: Identity by Shanese Steele (When she was 22 years old) Who am I? I find myself asking this question constantly, and with each passing year the answer seems to change. Being mixed or multiracial has not always been easy for me and it has been a struggle to try […]

I am not just one part I am whole, A Personal Story

My name is Simone DiCristofano, and this is my story…  In school, or even outside of school, I have always been gawked at just because I looked different. I have thick long hair down to my waist, tan/medium skin, and almond, deep set eyes. People would always ask me what my race was, and I […]

Crossin’ The Color-Line, Poetry by Bonnie Walker

“I dream a world where PEACE prevails, where JUSTICE is a way of life, where EQUALITY is a given, and where LOVE is the answer to ALL questions and actions!” ~Bonnie Walker “Crossin’ The Color-Line”, Poetry by Bonnie Walker who is a dedicated world advocate, and a truly amazing human being who has been working […]
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