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Neesu Wushuwunoag “Two Hawks” Aka Raymond L. Watson of Nahaganset heritage.

Neesu Wushuwunoag is the great-grandson of Chief George Watson of the Narragansett Indian Tribe (1981), 4th Great Grandsons of Chief Brister Michael of the Nahaganset Indian Tribe (1881) and also of direct lineage from the precolonial Chief Canonicus of the 1600s. He has roots from out of Mississippi as well.

He is The Pomham Sachem of the Mashapaug Nahaganset Tribe out of Providence, Rhode Island and the director-general of the Federation of Aboriginal Nations of America (FANA) and founder of The Providence Cultural Equity Initiative (PCEI).

On Sunday, August 20th, 2017, the Pokanoket Nation launched an encampment at Potumtuk in Bristol, Rhode Island to reclaim their sacred land from Brown University. Learn more about Po Metacom Camp.

If you refer to yourself as a “Native American” that’s how you lose all your treaty rights. There ain’t no treaties with “Native Americans”, just Indians and Aborigines.


Photography by Erin X. Smithers


The Federation of Aboriginal Nations of America (FANA) is a Federation of Tribes and Nations who are aboriginal to the North American Territories. Two Hawks founded the Providence Cultural Equity Initiative to promote Cultural Heritage, History and Diversity as an innovative and impacting engine for economic development and facilitation of cultural equity and social cohesion in the Greater Providence area…

Two Hawks is actively involved in restoring and popularizing the traditional Algonquin dialects through playing with the Eastern Medicine Singers. They write and perform their own music using the traditional Narragansett, Massachusetts, Nipmuc and Natick dialects. Through all of his determination, Two Hawks has been able to do a lot of work with the community, local political and law enforcement leadership to ensure that the rights of all members of the Rhode Island community are respected.

“An ‘Indian of today’… a modern man who forgets not the faith of his forefathers.” ~Chief Sunset, Narrangasett – Raymond’s uncle, one of the last full blood Chiefs of the Narragansett Nation.

Two Hawks ancestry:
His Native name is Neesu Quanunon, which translated from Narragansett to English means Two Hawks. His great-grandfather was Chief George Watson of the Narragansett Indian Tribe in 1981 when they got federal recognition; his 4th great grandfather was Brister Michael Chief of the Narragansett Indian Tribe in 1881 when they got illegally detribalized by the State of Rhode Island; his wife and Two Hawks 4th great grandmother was Mary Michael (Champlain) a direct descendant of Chief Canonicus, who greeted the Pilgrims.  Certified by the Providence Historical Society and documented by the historical records of the State of Rhode Island. He has roots from out of Mississippi as well.


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FANA was founded by FANA Superior Chief Po Wauipi Neimpaug, Sagamore of the Pokanoket Nation, and FANA National Director Neesu Wushuwunoag (Raymond L. Watson), Pomham Sachem of the Mashapaug Nahaganset Tribe, and through development concert with Principal Chief Yonaguska of the Sand Hill Lenape Nation.


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