Standup Comedian Charlie Hill on the Richard Pryor Show (1977)

Charlie Hill , Oneida-Mohawk-Cree Standup Comedian Charlie Hill (July 6, 1951 – December 30, 2013), Oneida-Mohawk-Cree comedian and comedy writer on his first national appearance for those who might remember it. “A Redneck told me to go back where I came from, so I put a Teepee in his backyard.” – Charlie Hill

Comedian Destroys Myth of Reverse Racism in Less Than 3 mns

Aamer Rahman: “Fear of a Brown Planet” – Reverse Racism Comedian Aamer Rahman Brilliantly Destroys the Myth of “Reverse Racism” in Less Than 3 Minutes. Aamer Rahman hits the nail on the head. Without getting too sociological, people who cry “reverse racism” need to realize that racism — as in, actual racism — requires a […]
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