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Playground of the Native Son (2014) Directed by Celia Xavier & Michael Nash. Narrated by Adam Beach

“Playground of the Native Son”, a documentary film, is the story of the All-Native American Professional Football team in Oklahoma during the 1920s and 1930s called “The Hominy Indians”. Twenty-two different tribes were represented; some played for one game, some for years. The Hominy Indians had a 26 game winning streak and had the chance of a lifetime to play against the World Champions, the New York Giants in 1927.

Playground of the Native Son Trailer


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The documentary film was shot in Oklahoma with part of it on several acres of Cherokee Nation citizen Annie Moore’s original allotment land in Ramona, near the tribe’s casino, and in CN citizen Marilyn Moore-Tate’s land in Dewey. The film is produced, directed and written by Celia Xavier and co-directed by award-winning documentarian Michael Nash of Mosaic Media.

As reports, several Native American Indians took part in the making of the documentary film: Councilor Joe Byrd, musician Tommy Wildcat, Cayle and Kyle Shambaugh, Nick Rabbit, Stacey Nofire, Walker Robles, Brian Worrell, Kiah Smith, Trent Phillips, James Callie-Wildcat, Tammy Buchanan and Steven Everett Poe, Mark Casey. Others taking part in the film were former Osage Principal Chief Jim Gray, former Delaware Chief Dee Ketchum, Congressman John Maker, and Congressman Archie Mason.

Executive Produced by Celia Xavier. Directed by Celia Xavier & Michael Nash. Narrated by Adam Beach. Editing: Brenton Covington. 2014 Copyright. Hominy Indians Football, LLC.


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