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The Dance of My Soul: Adopted into a white family

The Dance of My Soul, a personal story by Janelle Black Owl, an enrolled member of The Three Affiliated Tribes of ND (Hidatsa and Mandan) and a member of the Kul Wicasa Oyate-Lower Brule Tribe. Inside of you is a story...that the world needs to hear. We value your voice and would love to give it […]

I speak Spanish, but I am NOT Hispanic, nor am I Latino. Indigenous

To say that all people born in Mexico and/or speak Spanish are Spaniards is to say that all African Americans who speak English are Englishmen. A story about Indigenous identity. Are you of African and Indigenous descent? Want to be part of our documentary film Afro Native Narratives? We value your voice and would love to […]

The Spirits of our Ancestors will always lead us home

A Personal Story by Michelle Greer For as long as I can remember I have always been a dreamer. Whether it was someone crossing over into the spiritual realm, natural disasters, or direct messages from my own deceased loved ones or those of others. My vivid memories of specific dreams and/or visions goes back to […]

Case for sovereignty of Indigenous Hawaiian Peoples

HAWAII, A CASE FOR SOVEREIGNTY of the Indigenous Hawaiian Peoples By Pua Ishibashi Inside of you is a story...that the world needs to hear. We value your voice and would love to give it a platform to be heard. We personally invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and healing. Share Your Story […]

The Magnificent Sum of My Parts. A Personal Story

African, Native American, Irish, and Italian: The Magnificent Sum of My Parts. A Personal Story My name is Linda Simpson [Bradford] Jenkins. I am the youngest of three siblings, and the only biological child of my parents’ union. I grew up in a deeply spiritual family who loved and fought fiercely for what they believed […]

Reflections of an Undercover Black Girl. Personal Story

Reflections of an Undercover Black Girl. A Personal Story by Stacy Jethroe My skin is tan. My hair is wavy. In Nina Simone’s “Four Women” I might be considered a Saffonia, though my father was neither rich nor white. As a child living in a 1970’s San Francisco, I looked exactly like what I was: a […]

The Struggles Of A Mixed Girl: Identity by Shanese Steele

The Struggles Of A Mixed Girl: Identity by Shanese Steele (When she was 22 years old) Who am I? I find myself asking this question constantly, and with each passing year the answer seems to change. Being mixed or multiracial has not always been easy for me and it has been a struggle to try […]

Cultural Genocide Survivor Walking The Red Road

A Personal Story of a Modern Day Cultural Genocide Survivor by Wayne William Snellgrove My name is Wayne William Snellgrove. The story I wish to share with you is about the pain of being stolen from my mother at birth and the harsh reality of being “assimilated” into white culture with damning results. And finally, […]

A Personal Reflection Of Colorism in Black Society

A Personal Reflection Of Colorism In Black Society And The Struggle To Decolonize by Ronica Bey. My family’s heritage reflects deep southern roots as well as indigenous Native American, Caribbean (Belize) and African ancestry. My maternal great grandmother was full-blood Native of Cheraw/Yamassee and Seminole ancestry. She passed away when I was three or four […]

Inside of you is a story that the world needs to hear

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou Who are your ancestors? What is your heritage? What has been your journey of discovering your identity? What is standing in the way of you fully accepting yourself in terms of your identity? What do you want to celebrate about who […]

I am not just one part I am whole, A Personal Story

My name is Simone DiCristofano, and this is my story…  In school, or even outside of school, I have always been gawked at just because I looked different. I have thick long hair down to my waist, tan/medium skin, and almond, deep set eyes. People would always ask me what my race was, and I […]

Crossin’ The Color-Line, Poetry by Bonnie Walker

“I dream a world where PEACE prevails, where JUSTICE is a way of life, where EQUALITY is a given, and where LOVE is the answer to ALL questions and actions!” ~Bonnie Walker “Crossin’ The Color-Line”, Poetry by Bonnie Walker who is a dedicated world advocate, and a truly amazing human being who has been working […]

Butterfly Rising, Poetry by Sonya Braxton

“Butterfly Rising” is a poem honoring the strength of Native women, and Sonya Braxton’s Native American Indian Ancestry. Sonya Braxton is a  Native woman of Tuscarora, Eastern Blackfoot Saponi, and Cherokee heritage, a researcher, poet and a conscious advocate for the rights of Indigenous people’s, as well as people of color in America. Sonya Braxton has been devoting […]
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