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Forever in our memories, Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman

A Tribute to Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman “Mommi” (1922 – 2000) by Nataska Hummingbird. Honoring Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman “Mommi” of Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee & African heritage. Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman was the full walking embodiment of Divine Womanness. Her smile was like sunshine, lifting up the life of anyone blessed enough to pass by […]

America’s WWI Original Code Talkers From The Choctaw Nation

Honoring America’s Original Code Talkers from the Choctaw Nation World War I. In 1918, not yet citizens of the U.S., Choctaw members of the American Expeditionary Forces were asked to use their Native language as a powerful tool against the German Forces in World War I, setting a precedent for code talking as an effective […]

Poetry by African Native American, Shonda Buchanan: The Trail

“The Trail” by Shonda Buchanan (For the Staffords, Roberts, Manuels and Mathews) “Trust the first drum, your heart, for all your answers. The ancestors will follow…” -Shonda Buchanan Shonda Buchanan, of Choctaw, Coharie, Cherokee & African heritage is the author of “Who’s Afraid of Black Indians?”.  Who’s Afraid of Black Indians? is a difficult yet beautiful […]

The Magnificent Sum of My Parts. A Personal Story

African, Native American, Irish, and Italian: The Magnificent Sum of My Parts. A Personal Story My name is Linda Simpson [Bradford] Jenkins. I am the youngest of three siblings, and the only biological child of my parents’ union. I grew up in a deeply spiritual family who loved and fought fiercely for what they believed […]

Shonda Buchanan: Who is Afraid of Black Indians?

Shonda Buchanan of Choctaw, Coharie, Cherokee & African Heritage is an Award-winning Poet and Fiction Writer. An educator for the last 20 years, Shonda was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she spent much of her adolescence curled up in libraries, bathtubs, and on her front porch, reading. Her book, Who’s Afraid of Black […]
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