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Join our documentary film on Afro Native Identity

Are you of African and Indigenous descent? We value your voice and would love to include you in our documentary film Afro Native Narratives. Releasing our own stories is a powerful experience that can serve as a form of liberation for other people who have had similar stories. That is the amazing thing about sharing […]

Afro Native Narratives, a documentary film on Black Native Identity

Afro Native Narratives is an interactive documentary film project by Macha Rose, Michael Santiago and Adrian Heckstall in partnership with I Love Ancestry. The goal of this project is to highlight the Afro Indigenous experience in contemporary America. Usually left to a few pages in history books, this is an identity that is generally overlooked […]

Join the Circle Uniting People and Preserving Ancestry

We believe there is a need to deeply understand the struggle that all cultures and subcultures are facing today within the dominant society. A need to bridge the gap with a message to inspire people to rise above adversity and assert their cultural identity with dignity and compassion. We provide bidirectional flow of data and resources […]
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