I can never forget the day when I first randomly found the I Love Ancestry page. I couldn't believe my eyes! Not only was it dedicated to sharing the history, struggles and photos of Black people and Native Americans but also Afro Natives as well. I've always taken pride in my multiracial heritage (Black, Native American and European). So it makes me sad and angry when people say Natives are extinct and also Native Americans and Black people never mixed. Both people have been living together for thousands of years. . . us Afro Natives are not a myth! We are still here. My Native people are still here and always will be! I love everything that I am but I have always felt a special connection with my Native heritage. This page is life changing. It has shown me how things are changing. Our story is finally being told. This page has also given me more hope about finding more info about my ancestors. Thank you I Love Ancestry for helping tell our story! I can't express in words how much I appreciate your contributions.