Introduction to Pandemic Awareness Narrative Stream: COVID-19

Pandemic Awareness

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Mother Earth Sanctuary and I Love Ancestry presents ‘Pandemic Awareness Narrative Stream.’ An awareness campaign about Individual responsibilities to communal health, and communal responsibilities to planetary stability.


I Love Ancestry in partnership with Mother Earth Sanctuary is constructing a useful narrative stream through a digital pandemic awareness campaign. This informative campaign is designed to facilitate conversations about: COVID19 global pandemic, sustainable community development, ecological restoration, individual responsibilities to collective health, and collective mobilization toward planetary restoration.

I Love Ancestry provides a digital space for Mother Earth Sanctuary to co-develop a narrative stream around COVID19 pandemic and sustainability. Mother Earth Sanctuary Resource Center provides an experienced researcher and writer, Dennika Mays, to develop relevant/informative/inspiring content for online publication.

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We recognize that sustainable human systems (social, economic, political, medical, academic, etc.) cannot exist without a stable planet. We are eternally grateful to our host, Earth, allowing us all the time-space here necessary to evolve and expand our humanity toward universal, All-Consciousness.

We further dedicate our research efforts to honor all those Dear Ones before us who have suffered disease pandemic en masse. In this way, we honor the irrevocable connections to our ancestors. Through this collaborative project, we intend to honor their historic sacrifices, bolster our own capacities toward healing and adaptation, thereby ensuring the resiliency of incoming generations.


We aspire toward constructing socially conscious health narratives that are relevant to communities historically disenfranchised by colonial trauma. In this way, we work to deconstruct colonial legacies still currently creating disparities in access to fulfilling life experiences. We strive toward intellectual/academic integrity in our collective research, narrative construction, and publication processes.

We believe that as individuals, collectives, and societies become empowered to create systemic changes toward equity and sustainability, we also make strides toward healing the Collective Mind. We understand the Collective Mind to be an aspect of collective human consciousness; those logistical systems creating the social, economic, and political structures to which we are all variably/disproportionately/disequitably impacted. We build an archive of relevant information/data that empowers us toward individual and collective health/wellbeing. In this way, we contribute to the resilience of our communities and community members.


We focus on collective health pandemic response models that work. We understand the ability of community members to access relevant and necessary resources can be complicated by a myriad of compounding experiences unlimited to: color/ethnicity/race expression, gender/sexuality embodiment/expression, immigration/citizenship status, physical ability, etc. We are particularly sensitive to the intricate circumstances creating MMIWGPTBM (Missing and Murdered Indigenous women, girls, people, 2 spirited, boys, men).

Healing the Collective Mind, therefore, must extend beyond the ‘knowing’ of information and data. Indeed, there must coincide with the desire to embody the changes necessary for sustainable and equitable growth. We highlight models that pay particular attention to the health of individuals/groups impacted by immediate or direct interpersonal violence to their physical persons. We emphasize the work many individuals/collectives are doing to care for their communities and ecologies in the midst of a global health pandemic.


We believe in the co-creation of sustainable planetary ecological systems in the wake of COVID19 global pandemic. Likewise, we believe the co-creation of such systems provides critical solutions to COVID19 global pandemic. We believe the health of the Collective Mind to be intertwined with the ecological health of the planet; social justice without ecological restoration is empty.

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We must link human systems with the ecological health/vitality of the planet in order to be truly sustainable. Through this collaborative, we intend to motivate/inspire humanity toward sustainable actions that enhance the strength, beauty, diversity, and power that is planet Earth.

We intend to instill hope and vision for socio-ecological change.

SOURCE: Dennika Mays, Associate Director, Mother Earth Sanctuary located in Minnesota, USA.


Published by I Love Ancestry

I Love Ancestry is a global issue advocacy campaign that explores identity, diversity, heritage and culture, highlighting the experiences of marginalized people and Indigenous communities around the world.

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