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The Magnificent Sum of My Parts. A Personal Story

African, Native American, Irish, and Italian: The Magnificent Sum of My Parts. A Personal Story My name is Linda Simpson [Bradford] Jenkins. I am the youngest of three siblings, and the only biological child of my parents’ union. I grew up in a deeply spiritual family who loved and fought fiercely for what they believed […]

Reflections of an Undercover Black Girl. Personal Story

Reflections of an Undercover Black Girl. A Personal Story by Stacy Jethroe My skin is tan. My hair is wavy. In Nina Simone’s “Four Women” I might be considered a Saffonia, though my father was neither rich nor white. As a child living in a 1970’s San Francisco, I looked exactly like what I was: a […]

The Struggles Of A Mixed Girl: Identity by Shanese Steele

The Struggles Of A Mixed Girl: Identity by Shanese Steele (When she was 22 years old) Who am I? I find myself asking this question constantly, and with each passing year the answer seems to change. Being mixed or multiracial has not always been easy for me and it has been a struggle to try […]

Cultural Genocide Survivor Walking The Red Road

A Personal Story of a Modern Day Cultural Genocide Survivor by Wayne William Snellgrove My name is Wayne William Snellgrove. The story I wish to share with you is about the pain of being stolen from my mother at birth and the harsh reality of being “assimilated” into white culture with damning results. And finally, […]

A Personal Reflection Of Colorism in Black Society

A Personal Reflection Of Colorism In Black Society And The Struggle To Decolonize by Ronica Bey. My family’s heritage reflects deep southern roots as well as indigenous Native American, Caribbean (Belize) and African ancestry. My maternal great grandmother was full-blood Native of Cheraw/Yamassee and Seminole ancestry. She passed away when I was three or four […]

Mahlikah Awe:ri, Black and First Nations Drumtalk Poetic Rapologist

Mahlikah Awe:ri Enml’ga’t Saqama’sgw (The Woman Who Walks In The Light) is a Haudenosaunee Mohawk/Mi’kmaw Afro-Indigenous drum talk poetic rapologist. Mahlikah can trace her lineage in Canada to Rose Fortune and the 1700’s in Annapolis, Royal, Nova Scotia. Her Grand Auntie was the late Daurene Lewis who was the first Black Woman Mayor in Canada […]

Alvon Griffin, Creator of Two Worlds Indigenous Radio

Alvon Griffin, originator and host of Two Worlds Indigenous Radio on WMNF 88.5FM (Tampa, FL) Every Sunday from 9pm to 11pm (EST) Live Stream WMNF 88.5FM Alvon also teaches youth anger management & conflict resolution skills thru drumming & acting/theater in the juvenile justice system & after care in Florida. He created a system, using […]

Shonda Buchanan: Who is Afraid of Black Indians?

Shonda Buchanan of Choctaw, Coharie, Cherokee & African Heritage is an Award-winning Poet and Fiction Writer. An educator for the last 20 years, Shonda was born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan where she spent much of her adolescence curled up in libraries, bathtubs, and on her front porch, reading. Her book, Who’s Afraid of Black […]

Sheilah Dasher, Mixed Black-Navajo Woman Warrior

Sheilah Naajiibah Dasher is a young woman warrior with strength and fearlessness in her name. Sheilah Naajiibah Dasher is an experienced conference speaker, workshop facilitator and American Indian advocate. Naajiibah is a Navajo female warrior name, named for her great grandmother a herbalist medicine woman. Dasher wears her Native American heritage proudly. Dasher is of […]

Join our documentary film on Afro Native Identity

Are you of African and Indigenous descent? We value your voice and would love to include you in our documentary film Afro Native Narratives. Releasing our own stories is a powerful experience that can serve as a form of liberation for other people who have had similar stories. That is the amazing thing about sharing […]

21st Century Native Movement in the US and Caribbean

Bamboozled No More! We are still here… Us Be Mixed or Full Blood Natives There is a movement beginning in the U.S. and the Caribbean Islands where our American Indian people be they mixed or full blood are waking up to the fact that we all have been bamboozled, and in more ways than one […]

Afro Native Narratives, a documentary film on Black Native Identity

Afro Native Narratives is an interactive documentary film project by Macha Rose, Michael Santiago and Adrian Heckstall in partnership with I Love Ancestry. The goal of this project is to highlight the Afro Indigenous experience in contemporary America. Usually left to a few pages in history books, this is an identity that is generally overlooked […]

Inside of you is a story that the world needs to hear

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” ~Maya Angelou Who are your ancestors? What is your heritage? What has been your journey of discovering your identity? What is standing in the way of you fully accepting yourself in terms of your identity? What do you want to celebrate about who […]

I am not just one part I am whole, A Personal Story

My name is Simone DiCristofano, and this is my story…  In school, or even outside of school, I have always been gawked at just because I looked different. I have thick long hair down to my waist, tan/medium skin, and almond, deep set eyes. People would always ask me what my race was, and I […]

John Brown, A White Role Model and True Hero (1800 – 1859)

John Brown: A White Role Model by William Loren Katz John Brown was born in 1800, and he was executed by the state of Virginia  on December 2, 1859. This year (2006) a PBS documentary film continued an effort that began even before his execution to sully his reputation. Why? He was a white man who […]

Rarely Told History of Native American Indian Slavery

It is not known how many Indians were enslaved by the Europeans, but they certainly numbered in the tens of thousands.  It is estimated that Carolina merchants operating out of Charles Town shipped an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 Indian captives between 1670 and 1715. This was a very profitable slave trade with the Caribbean, Spanish […]
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