"I strongly recommend 'I Love Ancestry' to anyone interested in the little-known, untold stories of Black Indians, Native Americans and people of African descent, and their long struggle for justice in the Americas."

~William Loren Katz, Historian & Author of Black Indians: A Hidden Heritage and 40 other books.



"'I Love Ancestry' is a powerful platform that empowers all of us to share our stories and learn from each other, while emphasizing the interconnectedness of the Native American and African American experiences. I commend you for your time and commitment to Native American and African American bloodlines and the education you provide on our past! I am honored to have met a diverse group of individuals through ‘I Love Ancestry’ and to honestly say that I have made a few lifelong connections. We all stand to benefit from the invaluable social and educational resources available through this community. When I think of ‘I Love Ancestry’ I am reminded of a quote by the late Wilma Mankiller, “I don't think anybody anywhere can talk about the future of their people or of an organization without talking about education. Whoever controls the education of our children controls our future.” Ah-ho for educating us to be proud of our past as we move into the future."

~Georgette Palmer Smith (Kiowa / Choctaw), Executive Director of Seminole Tribe of Florida, Native Learning Center, Hollywood FL



"Adrian Heckstall's work with 'I Love Ancestry' has added such a complex, and needed aspect to the work on race and intra-race relations."

~Shonda Buchanan, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and English at Hampton University



"'I Love Ancestry' offers humanity an opportunity to examine and preserve our cultural history that has been hidden and ignored. As we glide through evolving and expanding global consciousness, the 'I Love Ancestry' campaign demands that the worlds indigenous history be protected and sustained. Employing their intuitive, cutting edge social media technical savvy and their personal passion for historical and cultural accuracy, the 'I Love Ancestry' team has secured our identity in time. Their personal campaign to raise awareness about their own diverse cultural heritage has created a movement that will not only empower the indigenous world but will also forever secure its history."

~Rose Davis, Owner and Publisher of Indian Voices, BlackRose Communications, San Diego CA




"I believe strongly in the mission of 'I Love Ancestry' and feel that it is an extraordinarily valuable resource for scholars and everyday people alike to learn more about history and culture from perspectives and with voices that often to go unheard. By bridging the narratives of American Indians and Black Americans, 'I Love Ancestry', also assists in the global need of broadening the often narrowly held understandings of diversity and culture as well as the narrow understanding of Black and Native American Indian identities."

~Carlton Mackey, Director of Emory's Ethics and Arts program, Atlanta GA and Creator of 50 Shades of Black



"Over the years it has been the norm too often to represent the various people of color of this hemisphere in a negative light. And even today well into the twenty first century, too many times the positive contributions of these individuals and/or groups of people are given lip service when anything positive is brought to light, if at all. However, more people from our respective communities have undertaken to present the broad spectrum of experiences and accomplishments, as well as express the beautiful diversity and pride that make us the people we are. Adrian Heckstall is among the most dedicated of individuals that has taken on the task of telling and documenting our own stories in a way that is objective and empowering. Through his tireless efforts, 'I Love Ancestry' continues to portray the best of our strengths, beauty, and dignity."

~Lonnie Harrington, Author and Program Manager at ArtsConnection, NY City




"Black Indians are constantly confronted with the fact that they do not fit any of society’s stereotypes for Native Americans. Those stereotypes are imposed by both whites and sadly, other Indians. This lack of understanding of another nation’s history has interwoven ignorance thus extinguishing fact. Nevertheless, despite their own distortions and mutations of the past, it is interesting to note how the right to remember or forget are not going unnoticed. 'I Love Ancestry' brings to light this hidden history by weaving a cultural and ethnic tapestry of personal biographies intersected with historical watershed events (i.e. slavery, blood-mixing, cultural blending), producing historically-conscious discourse about race, racism, and who is a “real” Indian. Employing discredited biological over cultural definitions of who is an Indian and who is not is an assault on our self-determination as Black Indians. We too have endured 450 years of forced assimilation making our walk one of plurality. It is time to tell our stories."

~Julianne Jennings, Adjunct professor of anthropology, Contributing writer, Indian Country Today Media Network


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