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I Love Ancestry

Bridging the past and future
Heritage & Diversity in the formation of Idendity

The Association of American Indian Farmers (AAIF) is a national organization that provides outreach, advocacy and technical assistance across Native America. It provides access to state and national information concerning Agriculture through newsletters and other special online communication tools. It also facilitates networking with other American Indian Farmers and agriculture professionals.


The National Black Farmers Association (NBFA) is a non-profit organization representing Black American farmers and their families in the United States. NBFA's education and advocacy efforts have been focused on civil rights, land retention, access to public and private loans, education and agricultural training, and rural economic development for Black and other small farmers.

Ashley Callingbull 'Burnham', First Nations Warrior and Mrs. Universe 2015. Ashley Callingbull is the first ever aboriginal winner of Mrs. Universe. We applaud her stance on important issues that directly affect indigenous people across North America. She gets political, and she doesn't care if you don't like it. The new Mrs. Universe is a First Nations Activist for First Nations Rights and environmental causes in Canada and hardly your 'typical beauty queen'.

Moulin Rouge America’s First Interracial Casino (1955). The Moulin Rouge Casino and the rise of Historic Westside Las Vegas by Rose Davis, Indian Voices. Although the doors were only opened six months  America’s first interracial casino was on the front line of the racial struggle in America. The Moulin Rouge Casino is one of the most important casinos in history in helping to end segregation. The casino has a prestigious position in the social structure on our society and is the only entertainment facility included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Lament for Confederation Speech by Chief Dan George. On The Dominion of Canada’s 100th birthday, July 1, 1967 Chief Dan George silenced a crowd of 32,000 with his “Lament for Confederation” speech at Empire Stadium, Vancouver BC. Chief Dan George , was an inspiring author, poet, Academy Award-nominated actor and a chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, a Coast Salish band located on Burrard Inlet in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


A Tribute to Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman "Mommi" (1922 - 2000) by Nataska Hummingbird. Honoring Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman "Mommi" of Choctaw, Creek, Cherokee & African heritage. Grandmother Mountain Eagle Woman was the full walking embodiment of Divine Womanness. Her smile was like sunshine, lifting up the life of anyone blessed enough to pass by her. She was delicate and sturdy, funny and prophetic. She showed us by example that you don't have to lose your sweet to become your strong. 

Bridging the Gap: A Personal Reflection Of Colorism In Black Society And The Struggle To Decolonize by Ronica Bey.

My family’s heritage reflects deep southern roots as well as indigenous Native American, Caribbean (Belize) and African ancestry. My maternal great grandmother was full-blood Native of Cheraw/Yamassee and Seminole ancestry. She passed away when I was three or four years old and I have very vague memories of her.

Aranesa Turner of Pomo and African heritage is a member of the Big Valley Band of Pomo Indian. Her mother was born and raised on the Big Valley Rancheria reservation, and her father is Black American. She is believed to be the second American Indian to be selected for the main competition of American Idol (Charly Lowry, being the first).


I’ve been in the practice of storytelling through art since elementary school. I didn’t begin to tell my own story, however, until graduate school, where I wrote about the adventures of a dark-skinned mixed boy and a Russian-American girl in rural Kansas. After two years of study, I managed to complete my thesis, but was well short of a finished first draft.

Celebrating inspiring Jihan Gearon who is Diné (Navajo) and Black American. 

Jihan Gearon is the Executive Director of the Black Mesa Water Coalition and an aggressive advocate of Indigenous Peoples rights and environmental justice as well as an active organizer, speaker, and writer on these issues.

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