"When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed." ~Maya Angelou
 Short Summary
I Love Ancestry (ILA) is a national issue advocacy campaign created by Adrian Heckstall in October 2012. ILA reaches over half a Million people every month on the issues of identity, history and culture. Our campaign is entirely managed online through our website and social media networks by tech-savvy volunteers who are passionate about cultural diversity, social justice, and advocate for the advancement of people of color and indigenous communities. Read what our supporters have to say about our work.
We envision a world where people embrace their own and each other’s roots, celebrate diversity, and advocate for indigenous cultures. We are dedicated to empower people to seek knowledge of ancestral heritage, preserve historical truth, and unite like-minded people to build inter-generational relationships with all our relations.

The I Love Ancestry campaign is so important to us and so many more from whom we continue to receive overwhelming support about the work we do. It provides a powerful platform using our social media networks and website to engage anyone interested in the little-known, untold stories of "Black Indians", Native Americans and people of African descent. Furthermore, it tackles the critical issues of identity, race and intra-race relations by allowing people to have a powerful experience, releasing their personal stories which can serve as a form of liberation for other people who have had similar stories. That is the amazing thing about sharing stories...we soon realize we are not alone. Read what our supporters have to say about our work.
 What We Need
Our tech-savvy volunteers are committed to continue to deliver quality content, as well as to increase and strengthen our online presence. However, we need your help to bring our campaign to the next level. We can't stress enough the magnitude of what your contributions can help us achieve. The monthly operating budget required to run the I Love Ancestry campaign total $3,200 every month. We break cost down in three categories: Digital Content Production & Promotion: $2,500 | Website Maintenance & Development: $600 | Third Party Services & Miscelleneous: $200. We need your support to develop a robust business model, become self sustainable, and expand to reach more people with quality content.
 The Impact
Our Social Media Channels and Website reach over half a million people every month. Our Facebook fan page  currently is followed by 35,000+ fans. Our website reaches over 10,000 unique visitors per month. Our social media presence on Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter is on the rise at a steady pace.
 Other Ways You Can Help
Some people just can’t contribute, but that does not mean they can’t help. If you are not able to contribute at the present time, please spread the word and make some noise about helping us grow stronger together. Share this page on your social media networks using our sharing tools.

If you have any questions or comments for the I Love Ancestry team, use our contact form. Alternatively, you can send an email to team (at) iloveancestry (dot) com.