Fee Adams Lady Xplicit, Afro-Navajo Hip Hop Artist

Fee Adams Lady X, Mixed Afro-Navajo Hip Hop Artist Fee Adams Lady X, Mixed Afro-Navajo Hip Hop Artist

"Celebrating Afro Native Hip Hop artist 'Lady X'" by Sheilah Dasher.

Working with her tribe Lady X of Navajo and African heritage has helped promote safe sex awareness through her music, and youth reservation fundraising. Running a non-profit organization, Balance N Options, Lady X is dedicated to improving independent wealth and harvesting healthy lifestyles with a Native approach. She also uprooted her business I Am The Biz to her reservation. 

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Fee Adams, also known as Hip-hop’s very own Native bombshell, Lady Xplicit, is a lady to the eyes and explicit to the ears. Lady X represents Hip-hop with her lifestyle and culture with a west lyrical flow over bass infused beats. X is Black and Dine’(Navajo). She is an entrepreneur, published model, and a two time winner of the Indian Summer Music Awards for Best Hip Hop Album. She is also a former nominee for the Native American Music Awards. She is motivated to empower people. Being multicultural, she has learned that many of the people in her community are broken and have lost their way.

Fee’s maternal clan is Edgewater Clan from Iyanbito, NM. Her paternal side is Black / Native from the East Coast. A child of two worlds, she joined music with culture. Using the expression of hip hop music to encourage her two people.


Fee Adams was raised by her maternal grandmother, part time urban and reservation. The difference in the two worlds was hard between keeping tradition off the reservation, and the confines of those traditions on the reservation. Artistic expression was her outlet between her realities. Exposing her to different people and a different life path.

She honors the idea that all people descended from Africa. Through music all people can find spirituality with the tribal beats and roots still represented in the sounds. Staying humble and close to the ancestors she believes in the beauty and power of music. Generations of indigenous story telling through music has kept ways of life alive.

She is a proud member of the small community of female Native emcees, located in Southern California and the Navajo Reservation. She has worked with a multitude of artist, and featured on projects with E40, Petey Pablo, Poodeezy, Raekwon and Young Buck. Her list of work have gained her national attention with Yahoo, and Pepsi.

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Whether she is performing for dignitaries such as former Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley, or live at San Diego PRIDE Fest she stays humble to her roots. Cultural pride and knowledge as a woman of color, has driven her towards her goals. You can find her hosting “The Break,” an internet broadcasted talk show. Lady X lives by her own rules not succumbing to the glass ceiling idea, “I can wear the pants but do it better in a skirt.”

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Written by Sheilah Dasher, Afro-Navajo Woman Warrior.

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