Deerheart Hummingbird, Designer of Native Regalia

Deerheart Hummingbird, of African, Mexican and Choctaw heritage Deerheart Hummingbird, of African, Mexican and Choctaw heritage

Deerheart Hummingbird of African, Mexican and Choctaw heritage.

Deerheart Hummingbird was born in Chicago, IL in 1957 to a Mexican and American Indian mother and a Black American father. She is a designer of Traditional and Contemporary American Indian Regalia. In 1979, Deerheart moved to Iowa City to provide a better future for herself as well as her children. She has three sons and one daughter.

Growing up Hummingbird was aware of her Choctaw heritage but was not raised around the culture. For as long as she could remember there had been something missing in her life. It was not until she cried out to Creator for help in finding her true self, her purpose, and her destiny.

It was then that Creator led her to walk the good red road, which in turn filled the emptiness that plagued her life. Creator has blessed Deerheart with the gift of listening to her ancestors. With the guidance of her ancestors, Deerheart has created her own business in which she designs both Traditional and Contemporary American Indian Regalia. She is a Member of the White Horse Nation (Educating the Community) and The Women’s Shell Shakers Society ~ Lake Geneva: Fund Raiser.  Deerheart has volunteered her services to projects such as the Oneida Cultural Project (Wisconsin) and the Pow-Wow circuit: Midwest Soaring, Aurora, Pleasant Prairie, MacTown, Eagle Creek, Jolie, Fredricksburg and University of Illinois Chicago. 

Hummingbird plans to continue to reach out to the people through her business, speaking engagements (educational), workshops and remains on the “Walk on the Ancient Red Road” that Creator has blessed her to be on.

  Based on materials from Texas State University 3rd Annual Native American Cultural Awareness Conference by Jayme Blaschke (2009)

Note: *We refer to people of African and Native American Indian heritage as Afro Native sometimes on this website. Many refer to people of both ancestry as Black Indians, African Native Americans or Black American Indians.

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