Shafiyq Reid-Ali, Warrior, Researcher on Black Indians

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Shafiyq Reid-Ali, Afro Native heritage Shafiyq Reid-Ali, Afro Native heritage

 Shafiyq Reid-Ali's heritage is Cherokee, Chiricahua-Apache, Roanoke and Polish from Virginia and North Carolina.

Shafiyq has made it a priority for him and his children to know there culture, heritage and to dance out at Pow wow gatherings to affirm their relationship. Shafiyq has formed many relationships with many national and international indigenous peoples, lawyers, scholars & United Nation officials with the UN Permanent forum of Indigenous Issues. 

These relationships have helped him to grow and build on his study of Indigenous Rights to move towards creating foundations for future generations. He recently wrote for State and County Resolutions acknowledging American-Indian/Indigenous Peoples in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania which passed the Senate and House unanimously; a first in the State's History that prior to never acknowledge the existence of American Indians within the State.

Shafiyq Reid-Ali is looking for a publisher for his first book "Lost, Stolen and Giving It Away", which is about the re-classification of American Indians from the 1800's.

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Note: *We refer to people of African and Native American Indian heritage as Afro Native sometimes on this website. Many refer to people of both ancestry as Black Indians, African Native Americans or Black American Indians

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