A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. ~Marcus Garvey
I Love Ancestry (ILA) is a national issue advocacy campaign that explore identity, diversity, heritage and culture in North America, entirely managed online through our website and social media networks, promoting a message to inspire people to rise above adversity with dignity and compassion. ' Read what our supporters have to say about our work.
 Our Vision
At I Love Ancestry, we envision a world where people embrace their own and each other’s roots, celebrate diversity, and advocate for indigenous cultures.
 Our Mission
I Love Ancestry exists to empower people to seek knowledge of ancestral heritage, preserve historical truth, and unite like-minded people to build inter-generational relationships with all our relations.
 What we do
We provide a powerful platform using our proprietary website and social media networks to educate and engage anyone interested in the little-known, untold stories of "African Native Americans", Native Americans and people of African descent. Two groups united by enslavement, genocide and a legacy of being uprooted from the land of their ancestors. I Love Ancestry works in collaboration with scholars, authors, historians, visual artists, journalists and nonprofit organizations using our digital and social media platform to publish and promote stories, research papers, videos and arts to the mass. We absolutely love to raise awareness about the historical alliances between Native American Indians and Black Americans and their struggle for freedom and self determination.

This online platform empower people's voices to engage on the critical issues of identity, race and intra-race relations. It allows people to have a powerful experience, releasing their personal stories and those of their ancestors to assert their cultural identity which can serve as a form of liberation for other people who have had similar stories. That is the amazing thing about sharing stories...we soon realize we are not alone.
I Love Ancestry' collaborates on occasions with tech-savvy volunteers who are passionate about cultural diversity, social justice, and advocate for the advancement of people of color and indigenous communities. I Love Ancestry is committed to advocating for causes that directly affect people of color and indigenous communities. We love to raise awareness about inspiring people and organizations who are making a difference in our world. Read what our supporters have to say about our work.
 Our History & Founder
The I Love Ancestry campaign was created by Adrian Heckstall in October 2012, using our Facebook social network as a platform to engage anyone interested in the hidden or neglected history of unsung heroes and heroines who shaped the struggle for freedom. The overwhelming support from followers about our work led to launching "Phase I" of our website in November 2013, becoming the engine of our campaign, and enhanced by our growing social media networks.
Adrian Heckstall, founder of the I Love Ancestry campaign is a mixed French Black American with Native American Indian ancestry. Adrian is a conscious, meticulous and thoughtful advocate for the rights of marginalized people and indigenous communities. As a creative trilingual advocate with more than ten years of digital marketing and technology based experience, Adrian's commitment to the work on race and intra-race relations as well as social justice and consciousness is unparalleled.

Adrian offers a diverse work history and unique skillset (Linkedin Profile). After volunteering to provide food assistance on the ground to the Haitian people in Haiti a week after the earthquake of January 12, 2010, Adrian naturally shifted his professional career interest as a Digital Media Strategist/Advocate for the nonprofit industry with a strong desire to make a difference, one person at a time, and a crystal clear mission: Giving back to the community we live in while being fiercely passionate about conducting business with the highest level of professionalism, transparency and integrity. Read what our supporters have to say about our work.
If you have any questions or comments for the I Love Ancestry team, use our contact form. Alternatively, you can send an email to team (at) iloveancestry (dot) com.